Basquash! – Episode 02

19 04 2009

I’ve really gotta stop expecting the second episodes to be as good as the first ones.  The first episode is designed to be flashy in order to draw potential viewers in, while the second episode kicks the story off.  No difference here.  This episode was a lot slower, and a bit more standard for a shounen series. Read the rest of this entry »


Spring Pilots: Basquash!

10 04 2009

… Why oh WHY didn’t watch this earlier, like when it came out.  This makes two shows in a row that had absolutely amazing first episodes.  Eden catered towards my appreciation for good characters and directing, like ef-memories and Higurashi. For Basquash, it caters towards my interest in shows that put a lot of emphasis on the setting, like Eureka Seven and Last Exile.  In fact, I almost consider Basquash to be the fusion of Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven. Read the rest of this entry »