K-ON! – Episode 03

19 04 2009

1 Sentence Summary: “Yui Fails School… almost”.  Episode 3 was less about music, more about the Yui’s study habits and how it’s a disaster waiting to happen.  Once again, it’s scary how I’m able to pinpoint an aspect of my personality in one of these 4 girls (except that I’m a guy).  This time it’s procrastination aspect. Read the rest of this entry »


K-ON! – Episode 02

10 04 2009

Again this post does not confirm that I’m gonna blog this series.  It just means that it’s a possiblity, and I don’t want to fall behind while I wait for the rest of the pilot episodes to premiere. 

This is episode was more standard K-ON! fare.  Yui being very airheaded, Ritsu being hotheaded, Mio being a fan favorite, and Tsumugi being, well, the rich ojou-sama type.  Talking about the plot would be kinda pointless since there isn’t any plot to begin with.  So instead, this post contains some thoughts that crossed my mind as I watched this episode. Read the rest of this entry »

Spring Pilots: K-ON!

3 04 2009

And with this, the spring season begins. K-ON! (Pronounced “kay on”) is Kyoto Animation’s latest moe slice-of-life comedy.  The show has got big shoes to fill, following the likes of Lucky Star and Haruhi, and in my opinion, KyoAni managed to do it again.  There were a lot of things that really clicked for this show, I’ll just list a few of the many. Read the rest of this entry »