Anime Reviews: Katekyou Hitman Reborn

16 11 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve watched an ongoing shounen action series.  In fact the last one I watched was Bleach, last year.  Some of my friends recommended this anime to me last year.  After a while, I finally started watching it, I’ve nearly caught up w/ the show so I thought I’d post my thought now.

Like most shounen action series, Reborn has got it’s ups and downs.  I’ll talk about the negatives first.  The biggest issue w/ Reborn… when they try to comedy… it fails… usually spectacularly.  After the first few episodes and getting introduced the characters, I got soo sick of the comedy episodes that I just skipped to the first arc.  And after that, I now just skip the intermediate filler episodes to get to the arcs.  

Second issue, even though the original manga artist is a girl… I’m awfully disturbed with the role of the women in this series.  All the women (except Chrome, but I’ll get to her in a second) have a dumb housewife mentality.  Like they’re completely oblivious to world around them, and even when they are made aware, they choose to “do the chores while the men go out and fight”… stick with the times people….  As for Chrome, yes she stronger then the rest of the women… however, the few times we’ve seen her… she’s been incredibly dependent on the men close to her.  Whether that be Mukuro, Ken, or Chikusa.  If she’s in trouble.. the men will come and save her.  Honestly, there’s nothing more I’d like then to see a STRONG female character in this series.

The last issue is more of a pet peeve.  The, during the Varia arc, suffered from DBZ syndrome.  Basically, the climax fight was dragged on too long.  When a time period of 30 mins takes 4-5 episodes to complete… you know the pacing is off.  Also for the actual fight between Xanxus and Tsuna, it just wouldn’t end.  Whether it was Tsuna continuously being beaten down… or Xanxus refusing to give up…

That being said…despite these negatives…. Reborn is one of the better shounen action series that I’ve seen.  If I were to put criteria for this genre… There’d only be 3: Fight quality, Pacing, and Story.  Rating the 2 ongoing series I’ve watched, Naruto had good fights, but a poor story and horrible pacing (1/3).  Bleach has spectacular fights, none of which last long, however the story is pretty basic (2/3).

As for Reborn, the fights are spectacular to watch.  Everyone has their own unique fighting style, and they all evolve into unique combat moves.  My personal favorites are Gokudera’s dynamite combat, and Tsuna’s dying-will X-gloves.  As for the story, there isn’t an overarching story, persay, but rather, we already know where the plot is going, and each arc adds a lot of new dimensions to it.  I initially wasn’t happy with the Varia arc turning into a tournament, but then I was pleasantly surprised when they revealed Xanxus’ true motive.  So far the Future arc has been very well written and it’s completely unpredictable (in the long run sense).

So on the whole, I’d say for the people who are unsatisfied w/ Bleach‘s lack of fleshed out story, but like it’s fight scenes, Reborn would probably be a good alternative.

Last quick note, regarding characters… Tsuna doe start off as a whiny brat… but he progressively gets better.  Not just him but all the characters.

RATING (as of episode 90): 8/10